RoboNED Conference 2012


June 5 and 6 the second RoboNED Conference took place! This year combined with ‘Vision & Robotics’! Since 2 years RoboNED has been working on the vision of the Dutch robotics, together with the Dutch Experts on Robotics from companies, knowledge institutes and societal institutes. This resulted in the ‘Dutch Robotics Strategic Agenda’. At the conference the official presentation of the strategic agenda took place and the first copy are handed out.

With this conference insight is given in the current and future developments on the different technologies and connection to entrepreneurs are made. RoboNED contributors from academia and industry presented the possibilities with developed technology and how these technologies can result in a boost for the Dutch Robotics Market.


RoboNED Track

Here you find the presentations of the RoboNED Conference. On the RoboNED plaza the newest robots are presented.


  • Tuesday 5 June

9:00       Reception and registration

10:10     RoboNED presentation ‘Navigation and Motion Planning’ by Barry Goeree

11:45     RoboNED presentation ‘Sensing and Perception’ by Pieter Jonker

14:15     RoboNED presentation ‘Dutch Strategic Agenda’ by Stefano Stramigioli

15:05     Official hand out of the ‘Strategic Agenda’ to Chris Buijink and Eppo Bruins

16:30     Drinks to celebrate the completion of the Strategic Agenda


  • Wednesday 6 June

9:00       Reception and registration

10:10     RoboNED presentation ‘Interactive Systems’ by Ben Kröse

10:40     RoboNED Keynote by Henrik Christensen

11:45     RoboNED presentation ‘Learning and Adaptive Systems’ by Robert Babuska

14:15     RoboNED presentation ‘Software Engineering’ by Herman Bruyninckx

15:05     RoboNED presentation ‘Entrepreneurship’ by Geoff Pegman

15:30     Visit exhibition/demo’s



NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Entrance Beneluxhal, Locht 117, 5504 RM Veldhoven


Press Release

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Photo Report

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